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Project Welding
Welding @ IAT
   This project is part of: Robotics

We are a team of researchers established within the University of Bremen, Germany. Our main focus is targeted towards the improvement of images acquired in the process of welding observation. Working with state of the art tools such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras, customizable hardware solutions (FPGA) or complete welding tool sets, we are developing innovative systems designed to enhance the welding experience.

Simply put, image processing resulting in augmented and virtual reality solutions is our main research area.

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Name Room Phone1 E-Mail
Ivascu, Sorin Dipl.-Inf. email
Malik, Arsalan MSc email
Mata Alegre, Víctor Dipl.-Ing. N1161 62466 email
1. Phone (if not specified): +49 (0) 421 218 xxxx
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