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Publications (at IAT)
  • Leila Fotoohi: "Dependable Service Robot : from Hazard Identification to Formal Verification of Safety Requirements"; 2012; PhD Dissertation, University of Bremen, Shaker Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8440-1435-8
  • L.Fotoohi, A.Gräser: "Building a Safe Care-Providing Robot"; 2011; Proceedings on 12th IEEE International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics - ICORR'11- June 29-July 1 -Zurich, Switzerland
  • L.Fotoohi, A.Gräser: "A Supervisory Control Approach for Safe Behavior of Service Robot, Case Study: FRIEND"; 2010; Proceeedings on 25th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing , March 22-26,2010, Sierre, Switzerland.
  • L.Fotoohi: "State Space Reduction Techniques for Supervisor Synthesis in Discrete Event Systems"; 2009; 31th Colloquium of Automation; Salzhausen; November
  • L.Fotoohi: "An Automata Approach on Modelling and Verifying Safe Behaviour of Service Robot Systems"; 2008; 30th Colloquium of Automation; Salzhausen; November
  • L.Fotoohi: "Safety Analysis and Methods in Safety Critical Systems: Application in FRIENDII"; 2006; 28th Colloquium of Automation; Salzhausen; November
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