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Name Room Phone1 E-Mail
Aiteanu, Dorin Dr.-Ing. email
Al-Bittar, Issam M. Sc. email
Alhwarin, Faraj Dr.-Ing. M1040 62468 email
Allison, Brendan Dr. email
Alsharif, Shiva Dipl.-Ing. N1150 62482 email
Bani, Hatem M.Sc. email
Bartuszies, Sven  Dipl.-Ing. email
Brindusescu, Alin Dipl.-Ing. N1151 62433 email
Cyriacks, Marco Dr.-Ing. email
Ehlers, Jan Dr. N1160 62441 email
Emami, Damon Dipl.-Ing., M.Sc. M1090 62440 email
Enjarini, Bashar Dr.-Ing. N1240 62472 email
Ewert, Philipp Dipl.-Ing. email
Fang, Qinyuan M.Sc. email
Focke Martinez, Santiago M. Sc. email
Fotoohi, Leila Dr. Ing. M1050 62432 email
Fragkopoulos, Christos Dipl.-Phys. / MSc N1310 62437 email
Friman, Ola Dr. email
Goterris Marti, Maria M.Sc. email
Graimann, Bernhard  Dr.-techn. email
Grigorescu, Sorin Mihai Dr.-Ing. email
Haque, Syed Jaad Ul M.Sc. email
Hericks, Martin Dipl.-Ing. email
Heyer, Torsten Dipl.-Math. M1050 62469 email
Heyer, Stefan Dipl.-Math. email
Hillers, Bernd Dr.-Ing. M1030 62433 email
Hofmann, Maren email
Hübner, Jan Lars Dipl.-Ing. email
Ivanova, Jelena Dipl.-Ing. N1310 62437 email
Ivascu, Sorin Dipl.-Inf. email
Joerdens, Marion email
Kampe, Henning Dipl.-Ing. M1090 62467 email
Krebs, Ulrich Dipl.-Ing. email
Kuzmicheva, Olena Dr.-Ing. email
Lange, Uwe Dr.-Ing. N1240 62436 email
Leu, Adrian Dr.-Ing. email
Liu, Xiangpeng Dr.-Ing. email
Ludyk, Günter Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. a. D. email
Lüth, Thorsten Dipl.-Ing. N1150 62435 email
Malechka, Tatsiana M.Sc. email
Malik, Arsalan MSc email
Martens, Christian Dr.-Ing. email
Mata Alegre, Víctor Dipl.-Ing. N1161 62466 email
Mihajlov, Miroslav Dr.-Ing. email
Mindermann, Björn MSc N1310 62437 email
Moltsaar, Aavo M.Sc email
Najjar, Ammar M.Sc. email
Natarajan, Saravana Kumar MSc email
Ojdanic, Darko Dr.-Ing. email
Popovic, Dobrivoje  Prof. Dr.-Ing. a. D. email
Prenzel, Oliver Dr.-Ing. email
Razavi, Mohammad M.Sc. email
Ren, Yilei Dr. email
Renner, Lothar Dipl.-Ing. email
Schultz, Jörg  Prof. Dr.-Ing. #### 06721 / 409 428 email
Seba, Bouzid Dr.-Ing. email
Slavnic, Sinisa Dipl.-Ing. N1311 62474 email
Steinsträter, Björn M.Sc. email
Tetzel, Tobias Dipl.-Ing. email
Teymourian, Amir Dipl.-Ing. email
Thiele, Georg Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. a.D. email
Trittin, Thomas Dr.-Ing. email
Tschirner, Petra Dr.-Ing. email
Valbuena, Diana Dr.-Ing. N1150 62481 email
Vuppala, Sai Krishna M.Sc. email
Wang, Xingchen M.Sc N1151 62466 email
Wang, Chao Dipl.Inf. email
Wang, Tianyu M.Sc. N1310 62437 email
Weißig, Heinz Dipl.-Ing. email
Wendland, Erwin Dipl.-Ing. email
Woll, Kristof M.Sc. email
Zhang, Xiaodong MSc. email
1. Phone (if not specified): +49 (0) 421 218 xxxx

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