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TitleBrain Robot Interfaces
Linkhttp://www.elearning.uni-bremen.de spacer
SemesterSummer semester 2006
NoticeVAK: 01-078
DescriptionFirst meeting:
Wednesday 26/4 2006, 15:00 - 17:00
Building NW1, Room N2420

This course is open for students with different backgrounds, such as engineering, psychology, biology and informatics.

Examples of covered topics are:
  • Basic principles of brain function.
  • Non-invasive measurement techniques: PET, FMRI, EEG, MEG.
  • Invasive measurement techniques: Implanted electrodes.
  • Brain-Computer interfaces.
  • Brain-controlled robots, prostheses and other applications.
The possibility to control computers and robots by means of invasively and non-invasively measured brain signals is currently being demonstrated. This technology raises hope to give disabled persons increased independence and life quality by improving the interaction and communication opportunities with the surroundings. For example, it has recently been shown that movement parameters, such as hand position and velocity, can be measured and decoded via invasive electrodes attached directly to the surface of the brain. These motor commands are present in the brain up to 100 milliseconds before the actual movement takes place, and can readily be used for robot control. A more attractive, but also more challenging, approach is to use non-invasively measured brain signals for controlling robots and computers. This project course will give hands-on experience of recording and interpreting brain signals.

Examples of project titles:
  • Implementation of a ping-pong game controlled with brain-waves.
  • Neurofeedback training, can user performance be improved?
  • Real time detection of eye movements in the EEG signals.
  • Effect of visual attention on the strength of visual evoked potentials.
  • Investigation of different brain signals for operating a brain-computer interface.
  • The basis of EEG signals.
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