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Project SMADEV
Smart devices for environmental perception and complexity reduction
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The basic idea is the reduction of the complexity of environmental perception by the use of external smart sensor devices. With the project, IAT developed a “smart” tray used within FRIEND. On the one hand the tray offers the possibility to measure objects’ weights, so that an action like pouring a drink can be performed without user interaction. On the other hand, it returns all relative positions of objects placed on the top of the tray. The latter information is used for the support and simplification of image based object detection. By means of a pour a beverage task it has been shown that the tray enhances the system’s capabilities without an unjustifiable enlargement of its inertial complexity. The integration of the “smart tray” within the FRIEND project facilitates the execution of a robust “pour a drink” action without the exploitation of complex environmental perceptions task that produce unreliable and insecure data. The concept of smart devices should be taken into consideration for the preparation of th environment. These devices should be used be the “main system” in order to reason about the environment, especially about objects to be manipulated. Focussing on image processing only won’t lead to a robust functioning system in the near future due to many unsolved and open problems.

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