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Project Friend II
Functional Robot with dexterous arm and user-fr IENdly interface for Disabled people
   This project is part of: Robotics
Friend II
The next generation rehabilitation robot FRIEND II is the successor of the FRIEND I system. The basic component of FRIEND II is the commercial wheelchair with a mounted lightweight robot arm. Additionally the system is provided with a tactile skin and a scale (both combined in the wheelchair tray), a stereo camera system, a computer system, a force torque sensor and a hand prosthesis. The latter onces are mounted to the last joint of the robot arm.
The long term goal of the overall project is the support of disabled people at activities of daily living (ADL). To reach this goal a software framework was developed that introduces a modiefied hybrid multilayer-architecture to process semi-autonomous tasks.

Name Room Phone1 E-Mail
Cyriacks, Marco Dr.-Ing. email
Ehlen, Michael Dipl.-Ing. M1090 62440 email
Fotoohi, Leila Dr. Ing. M1050 62432 email
Gräser, Axel Prof. Dr.-Ing. M1120 62444 email
Ivlev, Oleg Dr. N1300 62450 email
Ojdanic, Darko Dr.-Ing. email
Prenzel, Oliver Dr.-Ing. email
Vuppala, Sai Krishna M.Sc. email
Wang, Chao Dipl.Inf. email
Wendland, Erwin Dipl.-Ing. email
1. Phone (if not specified): +49 (0) 421 218 xxxx
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