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Publications (at IAT)
  • Wilkening, A., Baiden, D. and Ivlev, O.: "Assistive acting movement therapy devices with pneumatic rotary-type soft actuators"; Biomed Tech; 2012; 57(6), 445–456
  • O. Ivlev, A. Wilkening, D. Baiden: "Kompakte assistiv-wirkende Bewegungstherapiegeräte mit pneumatischen Soft-Rotationsantrieben"; Orthopädie-Technik 08/11, 585-591; 2011
  • Baiden, D., Wilkening A. and Ivlev O.: "Safety Analysis of a novel Knee Rehabilitation Device with Pneumatic Soft-Actuators"; BMT, 44. DGBMT Jahrestagung; 2010; Rostock, Germany
  • O. Ivlev: "Motion Therapy Devices based on Rotary Soft Fluidic Actuators - Concept and Prototyping"; Technically assisted Rehabilitation (TAR 2009); 2009; March 18-19, 2009, Berlin, Germany
  • M. Mihajlov, O. Ivlev, A. Gräser: "Dynamics and Control of a Two-Link Robot Arm with Soft Fluidic Actuators for Assistance and Service Applications"; Robotik 2008, Munich; 2008
  • M. Mihajlov, O. Ivlev, A. Gräser: "Modelling and Identification for Control Design of Compliant Fluidic Actuators with Rotary Elastic Chambers: Hydraulic Case Study"; 17th IFAC World Congress, Seoul, Korea, 6.-11. July; 2008
  • M. Mihajlov,O. Ivlev, A. Gräser: "Design and Control of Safe Robotic Arm with Compliant Fluidic Joints"; 37th International Symposium on Robotics and 4th German Conference on Robotics , May 15-17, Munich; 2006
  • O. Ivlev, M. Mihajlov, E. Wendland, A. Gräser: "Neuartiges Leichtbau-Roboter-Baukastensystem mit elastischen fluidischen Gelenkmodulen für zahlreiche Anwendungsgebiete in der Produktions- und Handhabungstechnik"; Deutsche Forschungsvereinigung für Meß-, Regelungs- und Systemtechnik e.V. (DFMRS), Jahrestagung 2006, Bremen, 2006, pp. 49-72.; 2006
  • O. Ivlev , M. Mihajlov , E. Wendland , A. Gräser: "New Compliant Fluidic Rotary Actuators for Soft Service and Assistance Robotics"; 10th International Conference on New Actuators, June 14 – 16, Bremen.; 2006
  • Feuser, J. and Ivlev, O. and Gräser, A.: "Mapped Virtual Reality for a safe manipulation in rehabilitation robotics"; Technology and Disability; 2006
  • D. Ojdanic, O. Ivlev, A. Gräser: "A New Fast Motion Planning Approach for Dexterous Manipulators in 3D-Cartesian Space"; ISR-Robotik Joint conference on robotics, May 15-17, Munich, Germany; 2006
  • D. Ojdanic, O. Ivlev, A. Gräser: "Goal-Seeking Motion Planning for Dexterous Manipulation in Cartesian Space"; Proceedings of 14th Int. Workshop RAAD’05, pp. 75–80, Bucharest, Romania; 2005
  • Johannes Feuser and Oleg Ivlev and Axel Gräser: "Mapped Virtual Reality for a safe manipulation in rehabilitation robotics"; Assistive Technology: From Virtuality to Reality: AAATE 2005; 2005
  • Johannes Feuser and Oleg Ivlev and Axel Gräser: "Collision Prevention for Rehabilitation Robots with Mapped Virtual Reality"; Proceedings of IEEE Conference; 2005
  • M. Mihajlov and O. Ivlev: "Development of Locally Controlled Fluidic Robotic Joints Actuated by Rotary Elastic Chambers"; in Proc. of the 25th-26th Colloquium of Automation, pp. 76 - 87, ISBN 3-8322-4502-2.; 2005
  • I. Volosyak, O. Ivlev, A. Gräser: "Rehabilitation robot FRIEND II - the general concept and current implementation"; Proceedings of the 9th ICORR; 2005; Chicago, Illinois, USA, 28 June-01 Juli 2005. DOI: 10.1109/ICORR.2005.1501160
  • Mihajlov M., Wendland E., Ivlev O., Gräser A. : "Versuchsaufbau und Reglerentwurf für modulare Leichtbaurobotergelenke mit flexiblen fluidischen Aktorelementen"; Deutsche Forschungsvereinigung für Meß-, Regelungs- und Systemtechnik e.V. (DFMRS), Jahrestagung 2004, Automatisierung, Mechatronik, Regenerative Energiesysteme, ISSN 0944-694X, Bremen, 2004, pp. 67-78; 2004
  • A. Gräser, O. Ivlev and D. Ristic: "First Experiences with Feedback Structures in Image Processing"; in Proc. of the 24th Colloquium of Automation, pp. 98-110, Salzhausen, Germany; 2002
  • Ivlev, O.: "List of Publication"
    Liste der Veröffentlichungen als .pdf (application/pdf 65.5 KB)
Publications (not at IAT)
Selected publications in Russian / Ukrainian

// complete list comprises about 40 publications in journals, conference proceedings etc., incl. one book and 5 patents //

 Control of Industrial Plant Emission Activity in Consideration of Ecological Restrictions. Ecotechnologies & Resource Saving, 5, Kiev: Naukova Dumka, 1995, pp. 41-46

 Computer-Aided Environmental Management for Regions with Extremely Environmental Impact. News of the Ukrainian National Academy of Science, 11-12, Kiev: Naukova Dumka, 1994, pp.50-55 (with A. Shapar)

 Programmed Rotations of a Payload Platform Driven by Magnet-Controlled Pneumatic Actuators. Technical Mechanics, 2, Naukova Dumka, Kiev, 1993, pp. 39-43

 Dynamics of Spatially Expanded Mechanical Systems with Variable Configurations. Kiev: Naukova Dumka, 1990, 254 p. (Authors: A. Alpatov, P. Belonozhko, W. Gorbuncow, O. Ivlev, S. Chernyavskaya, W. Shichanin)

 Analytic-Numerical Method for Analysis of Dynamic Interaction of Spacecraft’s Actuated Outboard Modules. Space Science and Technique, 2, Kiev: Naukova Dumka, 1987, pp.14-18

 On Dynamics of Rigid-Body Systems. In: Dynamic Problems of Multi-Dimensional Mechanical Systems, Naukova Dumka, Kiev, 1986, pp. 47-53

 On Dynamics of Pneumatic Actuated Manipulator in Braking Regime. In: Dynamic Problems of Complex Systems Mechanics, Naukova Dumka, Kiev, 1984, pp. 50-57

 Switching Algorithms in the Control Problem of Two-Channal System. In: Applied Problems in Dynamics of Controlled Movement, Kiev, Naukova Dumka, 1981, pp. 71-81
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