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Project Robik007
Innovative control of redundant 7-Joint robots
   This project is part of: Robotics

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Robik007The consept of Kinematic Configuration Control (KCC), had been investigated by the fundamental reseach project RedAn,  is now being implemented for a  robot with 7 joints humanlike kinematics .

The robot arm is composed of PowerCube moduls from
amtec robotics and equipped with a 6-component wrist force/torque sensor, which can be used by direct robot teaching (teaching by doing). The elbow position can be changed controllable like a human elbow. That feature makes possible the safe manipulations in narrow environments.

The PC-based robot control system is being developed. Software architecture realize the Server-Client concept, based on CORBA-Application. Thanks to that different Clients for any specifically tasks such as force/torque control, voice control and so on can be easily integrated into the robot control.

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Ivlev, Oleg Dr. N1300 62450 email
Wendland, Erwin Dipl.-Ing. email
1. Phone (if not specified): +49 (0) 421 218 xxxx
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