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Project RehaAtHome

Vision based Markerless GAIT analysis system

In recent years, there has been an increased attention on vision based gait analysis aiming at gait rehabilitation, sports biomechanics etc. Traditionally, the gait analysis systems require markers attached on the human body to get precise results based on the data delivered from the markers. These systems have two major limitations: they are expensive and time consuming. So markerless vision-based gait analysis systems are proposed as an alternative solution, which mainly use the data input from vision sensors like cameras. They provide with a low cost, time efficient and non invasive approach for gait analysis.

The salient features of the RehaAtHome system are:

  • Gait analysis aimed at gait rehabilitation from the home environment
  • Low cost, Platform independent, User friendly system
  • Robust tracking of lower body parts(hip, knee, ankle) in sagittal and frontal plane for gait parameter extraction
  • Robust recognition of gait cycle and gait parameters such as knee angles, hip angles, step length and stride length
  • Skeleton tracking independent of illumination conditions, scene background and user clothing
  • Web enabled data transmission to the rehabilitation facility and documentation of the treatment process

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Natarajan, Saravana Kumar MSc email
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