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Soft-Robots in rehabilitation as well as in assistance and service tasks

In the range of two BMBF sponsered research projects a innovative generation of portable compliant lightweight-robots should be developed and analysed. Objective of the project KoBSAR is the application in rehabilitation tasks, on the other hand the goal of the project PortaSOR is the operation in assistance and service executions. Analyses of the kinematic and dynamic structures as well as the design of such complex mechatronic systems is one of the key challenges for the development and implementation of groundbreaking control strategies.

Reseach contains:
* Analysis of various robot kinematics (workspace, bearing force, accuracy)
* Development and realisation of measuring and experimental equipments
* experimental probe of innovative Soft-Robotjoints
* modelling and simulation of robotdynamics as well as control
* development of controlstrategies, realisation and tests

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