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Within the last research project AMaRob project three scenarios were developed that support disabled and elderly people in their Activities of Daily Life (ADL) as well as in professional life.
  • ADL
    This scenario enables the user to prepare and eat a meal. A special meal-tray has been designed which can be gripped by the manipulator. First the meal-tray is fetched from a refrigerator which is equipped with an automatic door opener. Then the manipulator puts the meal-tray in a remote controlled microwave oven to cook the meal. After cooking the meal-tray is fetched from the microwave oven and placed on the tray of the wheelchair. After that FRIEND supports the user to eat the meal. With a special designed spoon the manipulator can take a bit meal and feed the user. After the eating procedure the meal-tray is put away. The handles are designed in such a way that they can be robustly recognized by the vision system and easily grasped by manipulator's gripper.

  • Library
    The first professional scenario is situated at a library service desk. Professional scenarios are very important for disabled people from the viewpoint of re-integration into daily life activities. With FRIEND the user can manage tasks like lending and return of books.

  • Workshop
    The second professional scenario takes place in a rehabilitation workshop. The realized scenario is representative for many quality control tasks in industry and consists of checking the functionality of keypads for public telephone boxes. A keypad has to be taken from a keypad magazine by the gripper and put into a test adapter to check the correct working of pad's electronics. After that each keypad has to be inspected visually by the user to detect cracks or similar damages. Based on the results the keypad have to be sorted.
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