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Title Lecturer Tutor
Brain-Computer Interfaces 
C++ Basics and Application in Technical Systems \spacer" Gräser
Computational Intelligence for Identification and Control  Schultz
Control Theory I 
Control Theory II  
Dynamic Systems I 
Dynamic Systems II  
Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz und Patentwesen (Patents and Commercial Legal Protection) \spacer" Möller
Grundlagen der Regelungstechnik / Basics of Control Engineering 
Process Automation I \spacer" Gräser
Process Automation I 
Process Automation II \spacer" Kuzmicheva
Real Time Software Design 
Real time Software Design 
Real Time Software Design II 
Regelung in der elektrischen Energieversorgung 
Robot Dynamics and Simulation  Ivlev Wilkening
Robotics I \spacer" Gräser
Robotics II - Visually Guided Robots  Ristic-Durrant Razavi
Seminar on Soft Robotics  Ivlev Baiden, Wilkening
Systemtheorie II 
Systemtheorie II - Stochastische Signale (Sytem Theory II) \spacer" Gräser

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